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Crochet Deer Rattle Amigurumi Free Pattern

    Hello dear amigurumi followers, we add a new one to the free amigurumi pattern. You can always follow us to reach the newest, most popular, most accurate pattern. Here is Crochet Deer Rattle;

    Designer: andreina.tejidos


    MR – magic ring
    Sc – single crochet
    Hdc – half double crochet
    Inc– increase
    Dec– decrease
    Slst– Slip Stitch
    Ch – chain


    • Needle: 00 or number 2.5
    • 8/3 threads in light brown, raw, dark brown, and a color to choice for the neck.
    • Fine black thread to embroider the eyes.
    • Wool needle
    • fleece
    • Wood or plastic ring
    • Sound box

    Let’s crochet the amigurumi deer pattern step by step


    (Light brown)
    Rnd 1. 6 sc in MR
    Rnd 2. 6 inc (12)
    Rnd 3. 1sc, 1 inc (18)
    Rnd 4. 2sc, 1 inc (24)
    Rnd 5. 3sc, 1 inc (30)
    Rnd 6. 4sc, 1 inc (36)
    Rnd 7. 5sc, 1 inc (42)
    Rnd 8. 6sc, 1 inc (48)
    Rnd 9-12. continue with 48 sc
    Rnd 13. (Change to raw) 19 sc, (change to raw) 19sc
    Rnd 14. 20sc with raw, 8sc brown, 20sc with raw
    Rnd 15. 21sc with raw, 6sc with brown, 21sc with raw
    Rnd 16. with raw 6sc, 1 dec (x2), 5sc, with brown 1sc, 1 dec, 1 dec. Switch to raw, 6sc, 1dec, 6sc, 1dec, finish with 6sc. (We cut the brown thread) (42)
    Rnd 17-19. Crochet with raw 42sc
    Rnd 20. 5sc, 1dec (36)
    Rnd 21. 4sc, 1dec (30)
    Rnd 22. 3sc, 1dec (24)
    (Fill little by little and place the sound box)
    Rnd 23. 2sc, 1dec (18)
    Rnd 24. 1sc, 1dec (12)
    Rnd 25. 6dec (6)
    Close with a wool needle.

    We have completed the head part of the free amigurumi pattern. Now we are going to crochet the part of the snout


    Light brown
    Rnd 1. 6 sc en MR
    Rnd 2. 6 inc (12)
    Rnd 3. 1sc, 1 inc (18)
    Rnd 4-5. (18) slst, leave long thread

    Let’s crochet the ears of the amigurumi deer rattle pattern


    With raw
    Rnd 1. 8 ch (crochet around them) in 2nd ch crochet, 1 inc from sc, 5sc, 1inc, 5sc (14)
    Rnd 2. inc de 3, 6sc, inc de 3, 6sc (18)
    Rnd 3. 1 inc, 1sc, 1 inc, 6sc, 1 inc, 1sc, 1 inc, 6sc (22)
    Change to light brown
    Rnd 4. 22sc, leave thread to sew.

    Let’s crochet the horns of the amigurumi deer rattle pattern


    (Dark brown)
    Rnd 1. 5 in MR
    Rnd 2. 5 inc (10)
    Rnd 3-7. Crochet 10sc. Leave a long thread.

    Let’s crochet the amigurumi pattern necklace


    (Alternate color)
    Rnd 1. 22 ch, in the 3rd ch work 2 hdc together, continue until the end of the same way (40)
    Rnd 2. Rise with 2 ch, 2 hdc in each hdc from the previous round (80)

    Cover Hoop: 27 ch, in the second ch start and work 25 hdc for 3 or 4 turns as needed, leaving a long tail.


    Sew the ears from the Rnd7 of the head. Sew the horns from Rnd3 of the head. Sew the muzzle between Rnds 16 and 17, before embroidering the muzzle. Embroider the eyes in Rnd16 with 6sc long. Color the cheeks with pink pastel chalk

    Congratulations, you have completed the amigurumi deer pattern.

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