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Christmas Crochet Snowman Amigurumi Free Pattern

    Hello dear amigurumi followers, we add a new one to the free amigurumi pattern. You can always follow us to reach the newest, most popular, most accurate pattern. Here is Christmas Crochet Snowman;

    Designer: mayleedesigns1

    Skill Level: Beginner
    (Must have basic knowledge of working in the rounds, and having tight tension along with basic sewing).
    Finished doll will roughly be between 5 and 8 inches tall. (Sizes will vary depending on hook and your tension and type of yarn).

    Crochet Terminology
    Rnd- Round
    MR – Magic Ring or can do the chain 2 method.
    Rep – Repeat.
    Sc- Single Crochet.
    (6) – Indicates Number of stitches at the end of the round.
    CH- Chain.
    Inc – Increase.
    Dec – Decrease.
    F.O. – Fasten off.
    St- Stitch.
    ( 2 rnds) Indicates how many rnds for that row to crochet

    Materials Needed
    Yarns I used, Bernat blanket, Chenille home slim (loops &threads) , 4ply wonted weight.
    Crochet hook used 5/H mm clover
    Stitch Marker
    Darning Needle
    18 mm safety eyes

    Body and Head worked in continuous rounds.
    Rnd 1- Mr. 6 (6)
    Rnd 2- 2x sc (12)
    Rnd 3- (sc, inc) (18)
    Rnd 4- (sc x2, inc) (24)
    Rnd 5- (sc x3, inc) (30)
    Rnd 6- (sc x4,inc) (36)
    Rnd 7-9 (sc around) (36) (3 rounds)
    Rnd 10- (sc x4, Dec) rep (30)
    Rnd 11- (sc x3, Dec) rep (24)
    Rnd 12- (sc x2, Dec ) rep (18)
    Rnd 13- (sc x3, inc) rep (24)
    Rnd 14-17 (sc around) rep (4 rounds)
    Place safety eyes between rnds 17-18 and 3 stitches apart
    Rnd 18- (sc x2, Dec) rep (18)
    Rnd 19- (sc, Dec) rep (12)
    Rnd 20- (Dec around) (6)
    F.0 and close circle and weave in ends.

    Arms x2
    Chain 8, slst in second chain from hook, chain 3, slst into the second chain and slst into the last chain of 3, Slst down to the last chain. Tie off
    Place arms where you feel they look good and then sew around the edge of the arm.

    Chain 40, sc in second chain from hook and continue down the chain (39)
    Wrap around neck and sew the middle to keep it in place.

    Nose (Will be easier if you use 4ply worsted weight yarn)
    Weave around the middle between the eyes a couple times to build it up some, now you will insert as if you were going to do another loop, as you pull your needle out, wrap the yarn around the needle and pull the yarn to form a peak. It might be tricky so pull slowly not to break your yarn. Do this step 2 times, or until you like the look of your nose.

    Mr. 8 sc in ring
    Rnd 2- (2x sc around) (16)
    Rnd 3- Blo sc around (16)
    Rnd 4-6 (sc around) (16) (3) rounds
    Rnd 7- fib (sc,inc) slst to the first st (24)
    F.0 leaving a long tail for sewing hat on. Stuff hat to keep the shape.
    Optional weave in a different color yarn for color

    Insert your yarn below the eye and then to the leave you want your eyebrow, form how you like then go under to the other side and do again. Don’t cut off we’re going to make the mouth.

    insert to where you want your mouth then bring your yarn across then insert your yarn to form a V making sure your needle is on the opposite side so it will catch the yarn so it doesn’t make it make a straight line.
    Make 2 buttons, insert yarn on a diagonal and then go across, then insert yarn under and poke through to opposite diagonal and go across to form an X, repeat on next button.

    Congratulations you’ve finished Christmas Crochet Snowman.

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