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Crochet Valentine’s Kitten Amigurumi Free Pattern

    Hello dear amigurumi followers, we add a new one to the free amigurumi pattern. You can always follow us to reach the newest, most popular, most accurate pattern. Here is Crochet Valentine’s Kitten Amigurumi;

    Designer: cutiemestore


    2 mm crochet hook (size B) Cotton yarn:
    fuchsia – 15g / 45m (49 yards) small amount of pink
    Polyfill to stuff
    A pair of 8mm safety eyes
    Tapestry needle
    Wire 0.8 mm – approx. 25cm
    Pink ribbon

    This sample is made with Alize Cotton Gold Tweed (semi cotton yarn): fuchsia #149
    Size of finished toy: 3.5″ (9.5 cm) tall


    ch – chain
    sc – single crochet
    slst – slip stitch
    dc – double crochet
    inc – increase (2 sc in indicated stitch)
    dec – 2 sc together (decrease)
    bo – bobble stitch (5 dc cluster)
    (___st) – total amount of stitches in a rnd
    ( ) Nx – repeat between ( ) N times
    rnd – round
    st – stitch


    Rnd01 8sc in magic ring 8
    Rnd02 (inc) 8x 16
    Rnd03 (sc, inc) 8x 24
    Rnd04 (2sc, inc) 8x 32
    Rnd05 This rnd work with back loops only: 32sc 32
    Rnd06 6sc, dec, 5sc, bo, 4sc, bo, 5sc, dec, 6sc 30
    Rnd07-08 sc in each st around 30
    Rnd09 4sc, (dec, 8sc) 2x, dec, 4sc 27
    Rnd10 sc in each st around 27
    Rnd11 (7sc, dec) 3x 24
    Rnd12 3sc, (dec, 6sc) 2x, dec, 3sc 21
    Rnd13 (5sc, dec) 3x 18
    Rnd14 sc in each st around 18
    Rnd15 (inc) 18x 36
    Rnd16 (5sc, inc) 6x 42
    Rnd17 (6sc, inc) 6x 48
    Start stuffing with filling material
    Rnd18-22 sc in each st around 48
    Rnd23 7sc, (dec, 14sc) 2x, dec, 7sc 45
    Rnd24 (13sc, dec) 3x 42
    Rnd25 6sc, (dec, 12sc) 2x, dec, 6sc 39
    Rnd26 (11 sc, dec) 3x 36
    Rnd27 5sc, (dec, 10sc) 2x, dec, 5sc 33
    If you use safety eyes, it is the best moment to place them between 20 and 21 rnds, leaving 9sc between them.
    Stuff it again
    Rnd28 (9sc, dec) 3x 30
    Rnd29 4sc, (dec, 8sc) 2x, dec, 4sc 27
    Rnd30 (7sc, dec) 3x 24
    Rnd31 11 sc (you should reach the left side of a cat), flatten the detail and make 12sc 12 through both sides to the end
    Fasten off, cut the yarn,weave in end.

    Go back to a 5. rnd and crochet in front loops of it : ch 1, slst in each st around, slst in the 1. ch of a rnd. Fasten off, cut the yarn, hide an end.
    Take a piece of main yarn and tapestry needle. Insert needle in the bottom of a body between 1 and 2 rnds and bring it out in the top of a head, then insert it back from the opposite side of the last md. Bring out the needle in the bottom of a body, 2 stitches from the entry. Lightly pull both yarn ends and, keeping the yarn tension, tie a knot of both yarn ends. Hide the yarn ends inside of a body.
    Take a piece of pink yarn and embroider a nose in a 20 rnd, centering it regarding to the eyes. The height of a nose – 1 sc, the width of a bottom part – 1 sc, top part – 3sc. Make a line under the nose. With the same yarn embroider the eyelashes.


    Rnd01 6sc in magic ring 6
    Rnd02-45 sc in each st around 6
    Fasten off, cut the yarn,leaving a yarn tail for sewing

    Take a piece of wire and make a loop from one side. Another side of a wire attach to the back between 6 and 7 rnds. Insert the wire inside a tail. Then sew the tail to the body.
    Twist the wire into a heart shape.
    Tie a ribbon around the neck.

    Congratulations! Your Cat is finished!

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